Our Story

98 Wedding Co. was founded in 2017 as a result of a serendipitous love story between Gui & his boyfriend, now husband, Joe. This story started a year earlier in Brooklyn, NY.

While Gui’s passion for art and photography was waning in Brazil, Joe was on the other side of the world in Colorado contemplating his next move into fashion design. Simultaneously, they both took their leap of faith and moved to NYC. At this time, Gui embarked on his journey into wedding photography while Joe began his career in fashion design. Unbeknownst to one another, their soulmate was just a floor away at 98 Clay Street. Yet, as many modern love stories do, Gui and Joe connected online, soon realizing their relationship, as well as their shared love for design, art, and fashion, were in perfect harmony.

One evening, after inspiring conversation (and maybe a few drinks) the idea for a modern wedding photography company was born. A wedding photography company that encompasses all of their joint passions and skills. While strolling home from dinner, Gui and Joe brainstormed potential names for their nascent venture. As they neared their building at 98 Clay Street, a spark of inspiration ignited: 98 Wedding Co. would be the ideal homage to their love story that blossomed just a floor apart.

Along For The Ride

Whether you are looking for a NYC wedding photographer strictly for wedding photos, or want a New York photographer to come along with you throughout all of life’s precious moments, we are here for you! From the engagement to the wedding and sometimes, even the fruit of your marriage (we take pregnancy pictures too!) - we would love to capture and celebrate all of your milestones!

Hi, I'm Gui!

Born and raised in a small town in the south of Brazil, Gui discovered his love for art and photography surrounded by breathtaking nature and an equestrian lifestyle. Gui came to NYC to pursue his passion for photography, and along with this, pursued his passion for people and relationships. 

With Gui you won’t just find a photographer that captures your moments beautifully, you will also find a friend that will lovingly celebrate you throughout all of your milestones.

Hi, I'm Joe!

Joe, Gui’s husband and business partner, began his career as a wedding photographer after working several years in fashion design surrounded by stunning editorial photography.

Joe has a keen eye for all things beautiful and detailed. With this precision, he is sure to capture the most effortless and dream-like photos of your wedding. Along with this, Joe’s personality shines providing a loving, warm and genuine presence on your wedding day.



Madison & Ian

One of the best decisions we made was hiring Gui and his team at 98 Wedding co. We were looking for a more relaxed, natural style to our wedding pictures and they completely delivered. Not only are they stylish people, but they are the best hype men during shooting. For someone who has never had someone follow them around taking pictures of them before they made me feel so comfortable and confident and it really came through in the pictures! We are so in love with all of our pictures!

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Fact 1

Gui and Joe are Sister Signs, Scorpio and Taurus. So, they are perfectly in synch even when they're not!


Fact 2

Both Joe and Gui went to art school in Colorado and Brazil. Coincidently their final projects were both about duality.


Fact 3

Gui has worked with some pretty cool celebrities and companies like Patricia Arquette, Camila Coelho, Bruna Marquezine, Dior, Caudalíe, and Vogue.


Fact 4

One of Joe's random hobbies for a week landed his 3D design work on the Fenty Skin Instagram Account.

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