Caroline and Nick's NYC Love Story: A Clear Sky and Perfect Backdrop at The Ravel Hotel

Join us in celebrating Caroline and Nick's unforgettable wedding at The Ravel Hotel in Long Island City, New York. After months of rain every saturday, their remarkable day was graced with a clear sky, providing the ideal NYC backdrop for their love story.

Amidst the skyline of the city that never sleeps, this couple's love shone brighter than ever. The sleek and modern elegance of The Ravel Hotel perfectly complemented their style, creating a truly magical setting.

As vows were exchanged with the cityscape as their witness, it was a moment of pure romance and joy. Their reception, set against the iconic NYC skyline, was a blend of sophistication and celebration, a reflection of their deep love.

We were fortunate to capture this extraordinary celebration, and we invite you to relive the magic through Caroline and Nick's wedding gallery. It's a love story with New York City as its enchanting backdrop.

Some Kind Words From The Couple

"To say that Gui & Joe were the best decision of our wedding day, would be an understatement. These two are so talented, they produce beautiful work every time without a doubt. What makes them so special is that they truly care about you as a couple, it feels like having a pair of comfortable, calming, lovely friends with you the whole day of your wedding.

They do an amazing job of suggesting poses, places and ideas of photos while also capturing the raw moments you have with your partner. There is no "bossing" around or imposing a certain vision that you may find with other creatives. These two have a gift of making anyone in their presence feel comfortable & beautiful. They also have great turn around time. We also did our engagement photos with them about a year prior to our wedding. This was also an amazing experience.

We were able to meet Gui & Joe for the first time, learn how to pose/work with them and truly get comfortable. I highly recommend making this happen before the big day, I can't imagine not having these stunning photos from both days! Brilliant, wonderful & talented people. 98 Wedding Co. is a non-negotiable decision for my wedding that I would make over & over again. You will not regret! 

Reviewed On 12/11/2023 by Caroline G


Venue: TBD

Florist: TBD

Cake: TBD

Band: TBD

Hair: TBD

Makeup: TBD

Catering: TBD

Groom's Suit: TBD

Bridal Boutique: TBD

Dress: TBD

Groom's Shoes: TBD

Bride's Shoes: TBD

Stationary: TBD

Photography: Gui Benites & Joe Freyta of 98 Wedding Co.

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