Annie and Ilan's Vibrant Brooklyn Celebration: A Day Filled with Energy and Excitement at The Purslane Boathouse

Step into the world of Annie and Ilan, where love and vibrancy converged during their wedding at The Purslane Boathouse in Brooklyn, New York. This was a day brimming with energy and excitement, making it a truly unforgettable celebration.

Nestled in the heart of Brooklyn, their chosen venue added a touch of charm to their urban love story. From the lively bride and groom portraits to the dynamic wedding details, every moment radiated with vibrant energy.

As they exchanged heartfelt vows, the atmosphere was electric, filled with love and enthusiasm. The reception continued this spirit, blending modern elegance with a lively ambiance, creating a memorable night of celebration.

Join us in reliving this remarkable celebration through Annie and Ilan's wedding gallery. It's a testament to their love and the energetic excitement that surrounded them on their big day.


Venue: TBD

Florist: TBD

Cake: TBD

Band: TBD

Hair: TBD

Makeup: TBD

Catering: TBD

Groom's Suit: TBD

Bridal Boutique: TBD

Dress: TBD

Groom's Shoes: TBD

Bride's Shoes: TBD

Stationary: TBD

Photography: Gui Benites & Joe Freyta of 98 Wedding Co.

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